Kite Surfing in Los Roques, Venezuela

Venezuela’s Archipelago Los Roques islands offers one of the best kite surfing destinations in the world.

Los Roques is a set of about 350 islands, cays, and inlets about 155 kilometers off Venezuela’s central coast. And just about every one of them has a great kite surfing location.

What’s great about kite surfing in Los Roques is the weather and the scenery that’s so beautiful, you’ll probably find yourself
thinking, “Now THIS is paradise!”

What Makes Los Roques a Great Kite Surfing Location?

The winds blowing across the water provide the right amount of power you as you kite surf over the top of crystal clear water that
changes in dramatic shades as you head out deeper. The shallow bottoms along will also allow you to see all the amazing marine life in the clear water off the coast of the Los Roques islands.

Where to Kite Surf in Los Roques

The great thing about Los Roques is that you can find plenty of places to Kite Surf on many of the islands. Prices range, and you can get professional Kite Surfing Instruction, if you’re just starting out.

HOW TO: Find the Best Kite Surfing Location in Los Roques

To help you find the ideal spot for you to kite surf, we’ve created the special page where you can quickly find all the best kit surfing
spots near your Posada (Hotel) with the best rates and service.

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