Beaches of Los Roques, Venezuela

The beaches of Los Roques, off the coast of Venezuela, are among the most beautiful collection of sandy beaches in all of the
Carribean. In this article, you’ll learn more about the beautiful beaches that surround the 350 islands, cays, and islets known
as the Archipelago Los Roques National Park, the weather you can expect when you visit Los Roques, and the activities you can enjoy
while on the many islands.

Why Are the Beaches of Los Roques So Popular?

Over 70,000 travelers from all over the world vacation on the beaches in Los Roques, Venezuela, because of the pristine sandy beaches, warm weather, and clear water.

The beaches off the coast of Venezuela’s Los Roques islands are considered one of the best locations to relax, unwind, or enjoy one of many activities, like kite surfing, and bonefishing.

The air temperatures on Los Roques’ beaches fluctuate betwee the upper 80s to low 90s (26º to 32 Celsius) Farenheit, and the water temperature stays about 76º Fahrenheit (about 24º Celcius), so you’ll feel comfortable as you fly fish in knee-deep, crystal clear water, or sit on a comfortable boat and feel the trade-winds that blow across the Los Roques Achipelago. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also take advantage of the tradewinds
and go kite surfing, just off the beach in Gran Roque.

Hotels On the Beach in Los Roques, Venezuela

The rooms at the various hotels (called Posadas) in Los Roques are usually simple in layout, with a focus on comfort. Hotel rooms are well-secured and feature many of the comforts you’ll find at home, such as DirecTV satellite service. And many of the hotel staff at the hotels in Los Roques speak English, Spanish, and even Italian to help tourists feel comfortable and make the most of your visit to Los Roques’ beaches.

The hotel rooms on the beaches of Los Roques range in price, depending on where you’re staying. For example, rates at the Posada in Gran Roque – a short distance from the beach – costs about $60 per person, per night, and included an Venezuelan breakfast. Prices at hotels in Los Roques on the beach can go above $100 per night.

Best Way to Travel to Venezuela’s Los Roques Beaches

The best way to travel to Los Roques is a flight on Los Roques Airlines, from Caracas, Venezuela to Gran Roque – your primary stopping point on the largest island where most of the population live, work and go to school. The flight to Gran Roque from Caracas is a super short 35 minute flight, and prices for flights to Los Roques National Park are reasonable, ranging from $250 – $300 per person for a round trip ticket, depending on the season.

To help you find the best deal on a flight to Los Roques, here’s a resource page with all the best deals:


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