The Coral Reefs of Los Roques, Venezuela

If you’ve ever wanted to scuba dive in paradise, the coral reefs off the islands of Los Roques is the place to be. Scuba divers of all skill levels travel to Gran Roque, to explore the thriving coral and rich marine life that surrounds the 350 islands, cays and islets that make up the Los Roques Archipelago.

Los Roques’ Coral Reef Diving

Scuba Divers enjoy exploring coral reefs all over the world for many reasons. For some divers, it’s the wide range of beautiful coral, and beautiful fish covered in bright colors. For advanced divers, there’s the thrill of exploring deep underwater caves and sheer ocean cliffs that are filled with amazing creatures.

Los Roques’ islands are located 128km (80 miles) north of the port of La Guaira, Venezuela’s primary port. The Los Roques National Park has over 40km (20 miles) of The islands are surrounded by – and the coral reefs, 400km (248 miles) of coral cays to explore, shallow water diving, 2 barrier reefs, and over 300 sand banks, making this island paradise the premier destination in the Caribbean Sea.

History of Los Roques’ Coral Reefs

The reason so many people love coral reef diving in Los Roques is because of it’s rich marine life. In 1972 the Venezuelan government declared the Archipelago Los Roques a national park to protect the large variety of seabirds, sea turtles, fish, and coral reefs. Their commitment to protecting the reefs and marine life is one of the main reasons underwater life thrives all around the islands of Los Roques.

Best Coral Reef Scuba Diving Spots

With so many places to scuba dive and explore coral reefs in Los Roques, it can be difficult to know where to book your scuba diving expedition. To help make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best scuba diving spots all around the Los Roques National Park for you to explore:

Los Roques Scuba Diving Packages

Los Roques National Park offers divers a wide range of scuba diving packages for beginner all the way up to advanced divers and expert instructors with years of experience diving in the Caribbean waters of Los Roques,Venezuela.

Scuba diving drips typically range from $35 and up per person, per dive, and the price includes the dive permits, tank, and lead.

All the equipment you need can be provided, and you’ll be supervised by an NAUI/SSI certified Open Water Scuba Diver.

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