Gran Roque, Venezuela

One of the most interesting things about Los Roques, Venezuela is that it’s not just one piece of land. The area commonly referred to as the Archipelago Los Roques, (or Los Roques National Park) is actually made up of approximately 350 islands, cays, and inlets that cover over 546 acres (221,120 hectares!), which makes the Los Roques National Park the biggest marine park in the Caribbean. And the biggest island in Los Roques is Gran Roque.

Where is Gran Roque?

Gran Roque, the biggest island in Los Roques, is located on the northern side of the archipelago, located roughly 155 kilometers
(96 miles) North of Venezuela’s central coast.

Why Travel to Gran Roque?

For years, people from all over the world have traveled to Gran Roque, via a short 35 minute flight from Caracas, Venezuela to scuba dive, snorkel, relax on one of the beautiful sandy beaches, or enjoy the best bonefishing in the world, right off the shore.

Travelers flock to Gran Roque, because it’s the primary location to fly into when visiting Los Roques National Park.

Because of it’s size, Gran Roque is where most of the locals live, work, and go to school. Gran Roques is also where a large
collection of Posadas (or Hotels) are located in Los Roques.

The Beaches of Gran Roque

The warm, picturesque beaches of Los Roques’ Gran Roque island are among the most beautiful beaches you will ever visit. The crystal clear, white sand beaches stretch as far as the eyes can see, and the color of the ocean dramatically changes into deeper shades of blue as you look out deeper into the ocean.

Gran Roque Weather and Water Conditions

The weather in Gran Roque is one of the main reasons travelers fly to Los Roquesoff the coast of Venezuela.

Air temperatures vary from the 80s to low 90s Fahrenheit (26º to 32 Celsius) year round, because of Gran Roque’s location in the caribbean ocean.

The water temperature on the beaches of Gran Roque are very comfortable, and offer a great way to cool down. Ocean temps stay about 76º Fahrenheit (about 24º Celcius) year round, which provide the perfect environment for the rich marine life that you can explore scuba diving or deep sea fishing.

Gran Roque and the other islands in the archipelago Los Roques also get steady trade winds that provide an ideal location for kite surfing as well!

Gran Roque: Best places for Bonefishing, Kite Surfing, Scuba Diving and more.

There are a wide range of choices if you’d like to go bonefishing, kite surfing, and scuba diving off the island of Gran Roque. To ensure you have the best experience in Gran Roque, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to book a day bonefishing.

Bonefishing in Los Roques

For all you scuba divers that want to explore some of the most beautiful coral reefs and underwater life in the world, here’s a list of the best scuba diving charters in Gran Roque that offer the lowest prices and best customer service in Los Roques, Venezuela.

The Food in Gran Roque

One of the best reasons to visit Gran Roque is the food! Restaurants offer a great selection of delicious local Venezuelan dishes, including empanadas filled with meats, cheeses and seafood, as well as authentic meals many other countries.

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Best Way to Travel to Venezuela’s Gran Roque Island

Most people find that the best way to travel to Los Roques National Park is a flight on Los Roques Airlines, from Caracas, Venezuela.

The flight to Gran Roques from Caracas takes just 35 minutes. And round trip airline tickets range from $250 – $300 per person, depending on the season. To see the best deals available on tickets to Gran Roque, click the link below to the Gran Roque Travel Specials page below.

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Best Posadas and Hotel Deals in Gran Roque

Hotels – called Posadas by the locals in Gran Roque – are typically independently owned and operated lodging areas that are brightl
colored with classic architecture, clean rooms, excellent service, and an authentic Caribbean atmosphere.

There are close to 100 Posadas or hotels in Los Roques, Venezuela that will offer you a wide range of amenities and prices to choose from.
To help you find the best hotel room when you travel to Los Roques, click the link below to see this week’s specials that are still available:

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Hotel Rooms on Gran Roque

The rooms at the various Posadas (Hotels) on Gran Roque island are simple in layout, with a focus on comfort. You’ll probably be
spending the majority of your day outdoors, but you definitely want to clean, comfortable hotel room to rest after a day kite surfing, bonefishing, or scuba diving. The hotel rooms in Gran Roque are cozy, and have many of the creature comforts you’ll find at home, such as DirecTV satellite service.

Hotel rooms on Gran Roque vary based on the size of the room, location, and extras included at the Hotel where you’ll stay… but you can expect to find reasonable hotels ranging from $50 – $120 per night throughout the islands, depending on the time of year you travel to Los Roques.

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