Los Roques Venezuela

The Archipelago Los Roques National Park, off the coast of Venezuela is one of the most beautiful collection of beaches you can experience. Los Roques is located roughly 155 kilometers north of Venezuela’s central coast, and about 80 miles (128km) north of the port of La Guaira, Venezuela’s primary port.

One of the interesting things about Los Roques, Venezuela is that it’s not just one piece of land. Los Roques is actually made up of approximately 350 islands, cays, and inlets that cover over 546 acres (221,120 hectares!), which makes the Los Roques National Park the biggest marine park in the Caribbean.

History of Los Roques, Venezuela

For years, people from all over the world have traveled to Los Roques, Venezuela to enjoy the miles of beautiful sandy beaches,
to scuba dive and explore the coral reefs, enjoy bonefishing off the shores, and experience the thrill of kite surfing over its warm,
crystal clear waters. But few people know the history of Los Roques, Venezuela…

In 1589, the governor of the Venezuelan province ordered the take over of the Los Roques Achipelago on behalf of the Colony, despite protests by the Dutch who considered Los Roques to be a territory that belonged to them.

In 1871, Venezuelan president Antonio Guzman Blanco issued a decree that created the Territorio Colon, which included the Los
Roques Archipelago.

In the middle of the 20th century, Venezuelan fisherman began to inhabit Los Roques permanently, establishing a small town on Gran Roque Island, which still produces over 90% of the lobster people eat in Venezuela.

Then, in 1972 the Venezuelan government declared the Archipelago Los Roques a National Park to protect the large variety of seabirds, fish, coral reefs, and other marine life found all around the islands of Los Roques, Venezuela.

Why Travel to Los Roques, Venezuela?

Travelers flock to Los Roques from all over the world for it’s beauty, the amazing diversity of marine life, the friendly hospitality, and all the fun outdoor activities you can experience in Los Roques, Venezuela. Because it is a regulated National Park, it is preserved from pollution, speculation and mass tourism. No massive real estate programs, with swimming pools and night clubs, no jet skis, no marinas, no microlight aircrafts … Los Roques is natural and authentic !

The Beautiful Beaches of Los Roques

The shores surrounding the 350+ islands, cays and inlets that make up Los Roques, Venezuela are among the most beautiful beaches you will ever visit. The crystal clear, white sand beaches stretch as far as the eyes can see, and the water color changes dramatic shades as you look out deeper into the ocean.

But there’s much more to do in Los Roques than just sit and admire all the beautiful beaches. If you’re looking for a little
adventure and excitement, you can enjoy an afternoon of deep-sea fishing, kite surfing on the picture-perfect blue ocean waters,
or explore one of Los Roques National Park’s many coral reefs on a scuba diving expedition with a certified scuba instructor.

The Weather in Los Roques, Venezuela

The weather in Los Roques is one of the primary reasons so many people travel there year round. The air temperatures fluctuate from the 80s to low 90s (26º to 32 Celsius) Fahrenheit, which is a welcome relief to people visiting from colder areas of the world.

The water temperature off the coast of Los Roques stay about 76º Fahrenheit (about 24º Celcius) year round. Combine that with the trade-winds that provide a nice breeze throughout the day, and you have a perfect location to enjoy Bonefishing, deep sea fishing, kit surfing, or just relaxing on the sand as you admire this island paradise.

The Food in Los Roques

One of the best reasons to visit Los Roques, Venezuela is the food! The hotels (called Posadas) and restaurants offer a great
selection of delicious local Venezuelan dishes, as well as authentic meals from Italy and many other countries. And the prices
are very reasonable.

Best Way to Travel to Venezuela’s Los Roques National Park

Most people find that the best way to travel to Los Roques National Park is a flight on Los Roques Airlines, from Caracas, Venezuela. It’s a super short flight that will take you to Los Roques in just 35 minutes. And prices for flights to Los Roques National Park are reasonable, ranging from $250 – $300 per person for a round trip ticket, depending on the season.

Best Hotel Deals in Los Roques, Venezuela

Hotels – called Posadas in Los Roques – are usually small, independently owned and operated lodging areas that feature beautiful architecture inside and out, clean rooms with running water, excellent service, privacy, and an authentic Caribbean atmosphere like you wan only find on the beautiful islands off the coast of Venezuela. There are close to 100 Posadas or hotels in Los Roques, Venezuela that will offer you a wide range of amenities and prices to choose from. To help you find the best hotel room when you travel to Los Roques, click the link below to see this week’s specials that are still available:

Hotel Rooms in Los Roques

The rooms at the various hotels (Posadas) in Los Roques are usually simple in layout, with a focus on comfort. Hotel rooms are clean, cozy, and have many of the creature comforts you’d want (including DirecTV satellite service), while on vacation on a beautiful Caribbean island. As you can imagine, the hotels rooms in Los Roques vary based on the size of the room, location, and extras included at the Hotel where you’ll stay… but you can expect to find reasonable hotels ranging from $50 – $120 per night throughout the islands, depending on the season. Some hotels in Los Roques even offer rental equipment and schools for Bonefishing, kite surfing, scuba diving, and many other fun outdoor activities.


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