Los Roques Boat Rentals

There are a few places on earth that offer human eyes such extraordinary beauty as that of Archipelago Los Roques National Park. Los Roques Island is the biggest marine reserve archipelago in the world. A panoramic view of this place offers the most beautiful natural sights in Venezuela.

Los Roques Island attracts many visitors with its natural beauty. If you want to discover a magnificent tropical marine area and tremendous variety of birth life, then you must consider the Archipelago of Los Roques aboard. Sailing to Los Roques from the central coast of Venezuela will be the most pleasant voyage of your life. A trip to Los Roques is perfect for you if you want a week-long escape from your turbulent life.

To sail exclusively to the beautiful archipelago of Los Roques onboard of an opulent boat is an absolute pleasure. You may rent or lease a yacht in Los Roques to enjoy an exciting boating experience. When renting or chartering a boat, you must ensure that the boat is licensed by the Venezuelan authorities. The opulent boats or yachts at Los Roques are equipped with air conditioners, showers of hot and cold water, a generator, TV, DVD, refrigerator, and other amenities.

You may also experience the freedom of bare-boat charters. It will add fun to your boating experience. Once you have reserved a bare-boat charter, a team of experts will welcome you in the base and handover the boat to you. With bare-boat charters, you can sail out to sea, enjoy the breeze and soak in the warmth of the sun. Boat rentals at Los Roques will give you the opportunity to discover the coastal seaside, and enjoy the quietness of a bay at night.

With boat rentals, you can also enjoy several other experiences such as diving, fishing, wind surfing, and kite boarding. You may rent boats or yachts of various sizes according to your crew. If you have planned to enjoy your holidays with your friends or family, then you may choose to embark up to 10 to 12 persons on large catamarans.

You will find a gamut of chartered and rented boats to suite your budget. The chartered boats at Los Roques Island are also available on the basis of sailing levels. You may opt for a short and easy sail for your first day to give you and your crew some time to unwind. You may also choose mono hull sailing yachts, catamarans, motor yachts, and trawlers.

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