Los Roques Powerboat Yacht Charters and Rental Prices

Spending the day on a Yacht has to be one of the most memorable activities that you can enjoy while on vacation in Los Roques,
Venezuela. The warm Caribbean waters off Gran Roque island, and the other islands that make up The Achripelago Los Roques National Park are ideal for spending anywhere from a day to a week on the beautiful Caribbean sea.

The area of the Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela that’s home to Los Roques’ 350 islands is huge. The National Park is over
546 acres (221,120 hectares) – enough open water for you to spends weeks cruise around Gran Roque and the other islands of Los Roque.

To help you find the best yacht charter in Los Roques, here’s some helpful information to help you discover how to rent a yacht in
Los Roques, the types of Yachts can rent, and how much you can expect to pay.

How Yachts are Chartered in Los Roques

There are multiple types and sizes of yachts that you can rent or charter on Gran Roque in Los Roques. You’ll find everything from
27 foot (8m) bonefishing yachts, 50 foot (15 meter) ocean yachts designed to take you deep sea fishing in style and comfort.

Powerboat Yacht charters range in price, which is covered at the end of the next section of this guide: “Yacht Charter Prices in Los Roques.”

You can charter a yacht on Los Roques’ Gran Roque Island the following ways:

Yacht Charter Prices in Los Roques

With so many yacht charter and rental companies on Los Roques’ Gran Roque island, it can be difficult to know how much to pay, and what you get when you charter a yacht. Here’s some helpful information to help you select the best yacht charter company in Los Roques:

Powerboat Yacht charter companies on Los Roques Venezuela’s Gran Roque island will typically charge $155-$275 per person for a 24 hour yacht charter, depending on the time of year. For that price, your yacht will include a qualified and experienced captain, a great cook, a comfortable cabin to sleep, and 3 full meals, plus snacks per day. Some yachts charters in Los Roques also include an open bar at no additional cost.

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