Sailboat Sula Sula ÔÇô The Ultimate Sailing Experience

ÔÇ£I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destinationÔÇ£

~ Jimmy Dean

Sailing on the Los Roques is truly an enchanting experience and your trip canÔÇÖt be deemed complete if havenÔÇÖt indulged in the immaculate experience of sailing.

Sailing the pristine waters of Los Roques is like cruising over paradise. The many islands of Los Roques are a spectacular sight and will keep you in awe as you will try to bask in the unmatched beauty of the archipelago.

The experience of sailing over clear waters is so mesmerizing that you will find it hard to resist losing yourself in the enchanting beauty that surrounds you. Sailing can be your ultimate retreat from the trials and tribulations of modern day life as you will be able to roam around a wonder of the world that is still virgin. There are strict laws that have protected this heaven on earth from the clutches of man.

Sailboat Sula Sula offers a truly magnificent sailing experience of Los Roques. You can trust the highly skilled captain to steadily guide you against the wind as you sail on the water. This will enable you to completely immerse yourself in witnessing the wonderful sights that surround you.

The Sula Sula Sailboat is a crewed Sailboat with 2 crew members that was built in 1971. The boat features 2 lateral cabins and 1 double cabin equipped with a private bathroom. The boat can accommodate 6 guests.

The splendid boat is equipped with full features of entertainment that include fishing equipment and snorkeling gear. This will enable you to make the most of your stay in the highly undiscovered and beautiful region of Venezuela.

The expert crew of Sula Sula can prepare an international cuisine to truly tantalize your taste buds. The quality of the food that is prepared in the sailboat is highly renowned and one of the biggest reasons that it is the top choice of tourists from all around the world.  The exclusive galley of the boat and their splendid gastronomy is truly special.


Sala Sula is extremely comfortable and spacious for 6 persons. It has snorkeling gear and fishing equipment to further enhance the remarkable experience.


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