Sailing On Catamaran In Los Roques

Red sky by morning, sailor takes warning, red sky by night, sailorÔÇÖs delight.

Los Roques, the archipelago due north of Caracas, is one of the most charming areas in the Caribbean Sea. A landlocked area of more than three hundred islands flanked on all sides by an exceptionally ethereal beauty, Los Roques is nothing short of an earthly paradise.

A unique way of discovering this jewel of a land is through catamaran. Cruising the island on an opulent catamaran has its own charm that surpasses any other activity that you may indulge in on a trip to Los Roques. The largest marine park in all of the Caribbean, Los Roques introduces you to a world of wonders that leaves you overwhelmed with joy.

A catamaran is a unique way of experiencing this utopia of beauty where you can enjoy a multitude of activities as you sail the crystalline azure waters. Since this entire area is dotted with islands, a catamaran ensures you get a glimpse of all.

Visiting different islands every few hours, you donÔÇÖt only relax under the sun or fish but scuba dive as well. After spending a few hours engaged in any sport, you can linger on the deck with the sun smiling down on you giving your skin the perfect tan.

As you breathe the fresh air, letting it caressing your skin, you feel as if everything in the universe has ceased to exist and you are isolated on a catamaran and this estrangement gives you the peace of mind you have been longing for.

Los Roques on a catamaran is a bigger feast than anticipated because you can enjoy savory meals and delicacies every now and then. Sufficient breakfast, extravagant lunches and sophisticated dinners are some of the perks you can enjoy on a catamaran in Los Roques. The soothing feeling of tantalizing sea food on yours taste buds portends the significance of any other creature comforts.

With a promising climate for tourists throughout the year, sailing is the paramount activity for all tourists in Los Roques. Approaching different islands and numerous beaches is no sweat on these catamarans.

If you have already started planning a trip to Los Roques, there is a lot more in store for you. You can watch and observe wildlife in their very natural habitats as you sail across the Caribbean. The notion of watching giant turtles or pelicans flying through the sky leaves one with an unexplained contentment.

In short, through a catamaran you can easily explore this natural and spectacular paradise and have the time of your life.

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