Choosing The Best Fishing Lures

We ask a simple question, and that is all we wish:  Are fishermen all liars? Or do only liars fish?

~William Sherwood

Fishing is a highly cherished activity that has taken the world by storm. With its extreme popularity, fishing is all about sitting back and relaxing as you try to lure the smart fellas to your baits. A hobby for some while a means of earning for others, fishing has endless devotees scattered across the globe.

Los Roques is a famous national park that is marking the Venezuelan territory with its unsurpassed beauty. Attracting anglers for its just the right climate for natural fish habitats, Los Roques boasts of being home to a multitude of fish species that are not found anywhere else.

With beauty that makes all the others pale in comparison, fishing in Los Roques is nothing but a dream come true. Lures are a crucial aspect of fishing and the following is an endeavor at listing the best lures to secure you the greatest number of catches. There is a large variety of fishing lures but navigating through the choices and finding the best one may seem daunting.

The following information hopes to give you ideas about the best fishing lures and they are as follows:

o   Top water fishing lures:

Imitating wounded bait fish or frogs, these lures are fished on the surface of water. A tip for using top water fishing lures is using them in areas that seem calmer. Calmer water gives a more glass like impression to the fish and this is where they will work best.

o   Spinners and spoons:

These come under the same umbrella of lure types as they both resemble bait fish and are as effective beyond a shadow of doubt. The famous version for spinners is Rooster Tails and Daredevils for spoons. They are a very promising choice for trout and smallmouth bass fishing.

o   Minnow imitations:

The type anglers and fishermen all across the globe are most familiar with, minnow imitations come in all sizes and colors similar to the original baits. One can easily find minnow imitations that dive a few feet deep to those that can go as deep as thirty feet. The bottom line, they are realistic, lifelike and an effective fishing lure.

At the end of the day, the choice of a fishing lure resides with you as only you know what works best with your technique.

Just Remember One Thing: Only Good Things Come To Those Who Bait.

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