Fishing Feathers In All Weathers!

Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught.

Overwhelmed, debonair, blithe and radiant – these are the diverse feelings a man encounters while fishing. For most men, fishing is a comfort and that is why most men perfect fishing instantly as if it is an innate second nature to them. The idea of a perfect vacation may span a great variety of fantasies for a woman but for men, the choice is singular – ┬áfishing.

Give any man a pole and he wonÔÇÖt mind waiting for a catch till eternity. Men, regardless of their race or nationality, all enshrine fishing in their hearts. They idolize it, they worship it. Suggest a fishing holiday to any chum and heÔÇÖll be all set to oblige without a second thought.

Three fourths of the world is covered with water. This implies that there are everlasting druthers for appropriate fishing spots. However, there are only a few turfs promising accessibility and assortment. One such region is Los Roques, the novel yet noteworthy, archipelago national park in Venezuela.

Los Roques is a site satirical to all others with sights so suave and varieties so vivacious that you want to dwell in the area evermore. The fish featured in Los Roques are briefly illustrated below:


Bonefish here play in the big leagues. These grey ghosts have a penchant for the petty minnows. Each morning from 8 to 12, they are an easy catch as they feed on the minnows. These bonefishes, with their weights ranging from 5-13 lbs, are enough to whet oneÔÇÖs appetite for bone fishing.


Tarpons in the park are as big as weighing more than 100 lbs. They are found in abundance from September to December. These creatures put up a vigorous fight before they will surrender to your baits and this escalates the excitement many fold.


Yet another specialty of this park is horse-eyed jacks. These fellas attack the schools of minnow, their preferred meal, and it is during this battle of the two species that you can hook them in large numbers. Catching Jacks demands patience and composure, but once you land them, the effort is worth it.


Snook are not found in abundance throughout the park as their inhabitance depends vastly on the water temperature. They are found in spots where water is relatively cooler. Smart yet easily spooked, they demand you put your best foot forth!

Au contraire, fish genres in Los Roques are too good to be true!!!

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