Fishing Hook – Guide For Beginners

Old fishermen never die, they just get reel tired

Whether itÔÇÖs a warm summer morning or a breezy spring afternoon, a cold winter evening or a dry autumn day, you will never fail to see one or more fishing lines passing a lake or stream. Such is the obsession of fishing that people regardless of all ages, genders and statures are addicted to.

Fishing holds magnetism for all those who have the flair for it. Using oneÔÇÖs instinct and commonsense, fishing is the major recreational activity that tourists coming to Los Roques look forward to. Los Roques is the worldÔÇÖs best kept secret with its overwhelming beauty that make you want to lose yourself in your surroundings.

Even if you will be trying fishing for the first time, this highly engaging activity should be given a shot at least once. For beginners and amateurs, some relevant information on fishing hooks is as follows:

o   Fishing hooks:

They are an essential accessory for anglers as they allow them to use bait and hold on longer, thus increasing chances of a potential catch. Chosen according to the size of the fish to be caught, they come in an assortment of colors and finishes. Some of the most widely used hooks are as follows:

o   Octopus hook:

Shaped like an octopus as the name implies, it is the hook most commonly used by anglers. With its curved tapered eye, wide mouth and average depth throat, it is extremely sharp and penetrates quite deep, hence, very effective and it is mostly used for catching snappers.

o   Long shank hook:

Perfect for fast biting fish with an ease of use appropriate for kids, a long shank hook has a parabolic blend and shallow bite. Moreover, this type of hook uses a short curved in or modified hollow point.

o   Circle hook pattern:

The circle hook pattern has a deep penetration point with a wide circular or squared off bend tapering to an exaggerated entrant point. Popular among game fishers, this type of hook comes with an extra long shaft.

o   Ganging hook:

A ganging hook is a perfect pick for baits like garfish and in scenarios when you know the bait will be smashed against rocky terrain. With a turned down pattern, a ganging hook has a flexible shaft of medium length. The open eye tends to combine two or more ganging hooks to form a group that can seamlessly hold larger bait.

In short, for all those coming to Los Roques, get reel, go fishing!

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