Fly Fishing and Los Roques

ÔÇ£It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it comingÔÇ£

~ John Steinbeck

Los Roques is a national park located around 85 miles from the mainland of Venezuela. The fly fishing community boasts the honor of being the first to discover this prestigious location that has become the hotspot for fly fishers all around the world.

Los Roques is regarded as one of the best bone fisheries in the world. Avid fly fishers consider this place as a dream come true and hail the location for redefining the standards of bone fishing in the Caribbean. Every flat fisher who is serious about the sport must have the experience of fly fishing in Los Roques and if not, it should at least be in their bucket list.

Los Roques is considered as one of the best kept secrets of the world. It is the place where poetic beauty meets unearthly charm as a group of around 350 islands and cays whose beauty is insurmountable. Los Roques boasts some of the most enchanting sights on the face of the earth and is the only coral reef of the Caribbean.

It is safe to say that Los Roques is indeed paradise on earth. The serene beauty of the surroundings seduces watchers and puts them in a state of euphoria that propels their mind into an eternal bliss.  There are a variety of activities that one can indulge in this blissful destination but fly fishing is considered as the major reason that tourists throng to the area.

Fly fishing is usually a weekend passion for most fishing enthusiasts in the area but there are many that have dedicated their entire life to this beautiful sport. There are many companies that emerged as premier fishing guides in the archipelago and some of them boast an experience of as much as twenty years. Los Roques is truly blessed with the worldÔÇÖs finest salt-water fly fishing and the National Park, which is a unique preserve, has benefited the sport immensely with their strict policy related to catch and release. This has helped the sport by making the fishing better each year and it is common to witness shoals consisting of thousands of fish.

Los Roques is indeed the place for those who love to stalk fishes.

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