Fly-Fishing in Los Roques

Los Roques is a collection of almost 350 islands that are counted among the best holiday retreats for tourists with its mesmeric scenic beauty, pleasant year-round weather and rich blue pacific waters. It has been deemed by many as the ÔÇ£solitaireÔÇØ of the Caribbean; a land of unspeakable beauty and unearthly endowments; the unexplored paradise on earth whose beauty would have a poet lost for words. Such is the magnificence of Los Roques.

Los Roques is unique for being the only tourist destination in the Caribbean that has a rich endowment of coral reefs. These coral reefs are a sanctuary for various species of fishes and the sea around the islands is rich with marine life. As a result, fishing is a common practice in the Los Roques Islands. It is of little wonder therefore that the answer to many questions on these islands is ÔÇ£fishingÔÇØ; what do you do for a living? What is your favorite hobby? What are you doing this weekend? What do you wish you were doing right now?

With such captivating beauty and breathtaking visual treats to capture, one might wonder why tourists would rather prefer fishing. Going on marine expeditions is a once in a lifetime experience and the tourists are quick to realize this once they have set foot on this paradise. Los Roques offers a wide range of options to tourists that make the fishing experience a rare treat.

For tourists who are new to the sport, Fly Fishing Los Roques will be more than happy to introduce them to the tricks of the trade. Los Roques has preserved its rich natural marine habitat over many decades which have made it an ideal habitat for flora and fauna. The strict catch and release policies followed by the islands have served to enhance the fishing experience for tourists. As a result, Los Roques boasts the best salt-water fly-fishing experience in the world.

Fly Fishing Los Roques owns an entire fleet of modern well-equipped boats that promise all the luxuries and comforts one can ask for while on a cruise. Fly Fishing Los Roques has a complete fleet of well equipped boats that ensure you all the comforts you can ask for. Tourists are even provided with the gear that is necessary for fly-fishing. They can simply kick back and relax on their solitary boats and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the azure pacific waters.

What makes the package even better is that Fly Fishing Los Roques also offers accommodation and lodging to tourists who register with them. They promise some of the best hotels, motels and inns on the islands that offer great luxurious rooms that offer all the comforts and luxuries that one needs on vacation. All rooms have balconies that offer a panoramic view of the captivating crystalline pacific seas.

For those ardent and adventurous globe trotters who seek only the most satisfying holiday experience every year, Los Roques is certainly more than they can bargain for. It offers the most complete vacationing experience that tourists can ask for. So why not pick up the travel log and select the solitaire of the Caribbean as the next tourist destination?

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