Fly Fishing- Shattering The Myths!

Fishy, fishy in the brook, come and bite my dainty hook.

Fly fishing is an excessively engaging game that sedates you just like some strong tranquilizer. It is a game that has inspired anglers the world over fueling their curiosity about this specific type of fishing that they wish to master through their lures and fishing baits. With all the effort it takes and all the technicalities involved, it would be justified to call fly fishing an art in itself.

Los Roques, the land of exceptional beauty, is an area dotted with sandy white beaches, capricious coral reefs and scenic sights as far as eyes can see. With its moderate climate feasible for marine life throughout the year, this area is said to harbor one of the largest assortment of fishes that proves to be a major attraction for tourists in general and fishing buffs in particular.

The most excellent way of utilizing and enjoying the beauty abounding Los Roques, fly fishing has also inspired some myths over the years that need to be addressed in order to ensure that this activity gets all the appreciation it deserves.

Fly Fishing Is Difficult!

A few practice sessions are all you need to be proficient on the waters and get started. The whole world is doing it. Why cant you? Yes it does involve some tactics but such things are germane to every activity, not fly fishing alone. All you need is to do is to catch a few pan-fish, learn to land it and you are all set to go.

Fly Fishing Is Expensive!

No itÔÇÖs not. It will be expensive only if you buy all the gear that is not only unnecessary but overpriced as well. All the basic gear is fairly priced and it is no difficulty finding equipment that is specifically designed for beginners to provide them all the extra comfort and ease they desire.

Fly Fishing Means Catching Trout!

Fly fishing is not about catching Trout only. In fact it includes a long list of species such as Bass, Carp, Pike, Pickerel, Bonefish, Barracuda, Snook, Mackerel and the list goes on and on.

You CanÔÇÖt Learn To Fly Fish On Your Own!

A lot of people have done so and so can you. Truth is after talking to a fly fisher, you will feel that it needs special training but the truth is every fisherman likes to exaggerate and over complicate things but you can easily rely on many great resources and online tutorials to learn it on your own in a snap.

So why wait when all you have to do is cast your bait!

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