Get the Right Fly for the Ultimate Fly-Fishing Experience

ÔÇ£More than half the intense enjoyment of fly-fishing is derived from the beautiful surroundings…ÔÇØ

~ Charles F. Orvis

Los Roques is an enchanting archipelago in the Caribbean with its waters teeming with the most incredible fauna and flora. With its beautiful beaches and dazzling water, it is any fishermanÔÇÖs dream come true. Located at a distance of just 12 degrees from the equator, Los Roques ensure stable current and temperature throughout the year. You get perfect twelve hours of sunlight and favorable winds which helps to draw fish to the flats in huge numbers.┬á However, before you get to Los Roques be sure to get the right fly for the ultimate fly-fishing experience.

Gummy Minnow

When you are fly fishing in Los Roques, the gummy minnow is just the fly for you. The Big Game version is made from shiny, soft material which makes it the perfect replica of live bait. Anglers must have plenty of these at hand as the Gummy Minnow will have you fishing the whole day long. The #2 fly is three inches in length and the #6 fly is one and a quarter inches long.

Crazy Charlie

Make sure you take some Crazy Charlie flies along with you as it is a fly for every type of fly fishing. When in doubt, hook a Crazy Charlie to bait your fish. This classic fly is extremely light weight and perfect for fly fishing in Los Roques.

Snapping Shrimp

Many heavy flies scare away fish as soon as an angler casts his line. The Snapping Shrimp prevents that from happening as it is made of light weight material which ensures that your bait does its work. For the dazzlingly clear water of Los Roques, make sure that Snapping Shrimp #6 is part of your fishing gear.

Mini Puff

Mini puff is the ideal fly for bone fishing. It is specially designed for fishing in shallow water. Mini puffs are made of soft material which makes it great for catching fish that easily get scared. The soft head of Mini Puff is designed to reduce the impact when the line is cast which is perfect for bone fishing at Los Roques.

Bonefish Special

This creatively designed fly with its unusual patterning and highlights attracts fish as soon as you cast your line. It is specially designed for bone fishing and is highly effective for fishing in Los Roques.

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