Los Roques Salt Water Fishing

Los Roques National Park Archipelago is a paradise of the most popular fish species. It has been voted as the number one fishing destination in the world. Los Roques consists of magnificent coral beds, sandy beaches, clear water, and stunning natural beauty.

The island is located eleven degrees north of the equator. Its water and air temperature vary little throughout the season. The area has a dry climate and is unaffected by hurricanes and cold fronts. All these factors have made Los Roques one of the safest bonefishing locations in the world in terms of weather and water conditions.

The area of Los Roques contains more than 250 square miles of┬áfishable┬áwater. It is just like a fisherman’s dream come true. During the prime months, mid-January through mid-October, this region offers a multitude of bonefish.

The Caribbean Sea is a tropical water sea with tropical weather conditions, so it also offers superb fishing during other seasons. The varied water surroundings of this region can provide you with ample fishing opportunities for different species such as Barracuda, Tarpon, Jacks and Spanish mackerel. The most recent specie that has been found in Los Roques is the coral feeding parrot fish. The number of Permit in the Los Roques atoll is also pretty good but they are allusive, so it is difficult to catch them. Barracuda and Snook are often seen in 2.5 to 5 feet water while Snook are found near the mangroves and are caught in dusk or dawn. A multitude of Jacks species also entertains anglers. Jacks weighing 10-15 pounds are most common in this region.

Fishing also depends on the water levels. For fishing in Los Roques Archipelago, you may opt for premier guiding services that will provide you with an opportunity to experience fishing with some of the best local guides in the island. They can also help you find optimum water levels.

The average size of bonefish offered by Los Roques is three to four pounds. A part from bonefish, tarpon is also frequently landed there. Los Roques is equipped with a huge number of flats. For this reason, this area offers several wading and stalking opportunities. If you want to make your fishing trip more informed then you may use the services of local guides or boatmen. Their company will not only make your fishing experience more interesting but will also save your time.

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