Los Roques: The Dream That Turned Tto Reality For Bonefishers

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.

Los Roques, a national park archipelago that is an eclectic blend of beauty and adventure, is work on GodÔÇÖs canvass, enriched with astounding scenes. Los Roques is also called ÔÇÿthe fisherÔÇÖs paradiseÔÇÖ and this alias is fair enough given the pinnacle fishing has acquired in this region in recent years. Imagine the thrill and excitement in store for you if you are an aficionado of fishing in general and bone fishing in particular. All Los Roques has to offer makes it the premium bone fishing spot in the world.

Bone fishes are the petulant grey fellas with shiny skins that move in shoals as they dance to the incredible tunes of the water. Bonefishes have been considered the principal game fish by anglers since the archaic times. Bone fishing is a daunting, yet engaging task as these seemingly simple targets promise to give you a hard time before you get your hands on them. They challenge your skill and finesse like no other. They will put up a vigorous fight and it will take some time before you will be able to lure, bait and land them.

The bonefishes found in Los Roques region weigh 8-12 pounds and the quality is compared to that of Belize, Christmas, Yucatan and Seychelles. Bone fishing is just a sport and the catches are not intended to be eaten, but in some countries like Hawaii, it is considered an irresistible feast.

Like very few spots in the world, Los Roques harbors these creatures in abundance by providing them with a natural habitat. Moreover, Los RoquesÔÇÖs location near the equator results in consistent weather and warm temperatures which has contributed a lot to the cultivation of marine life in the area.

Los Roques has taken measures to prevent anything from disturbing the ecological balance. It is because of this reason that commercial fishing is strictly prohibited in the national park. Moreover, almost one third of the area is forbidden to game fishing. Only a limited number of fisherman and licensed guides are allowed to fish in this area.  Still Los Roques stands equal to the finest bone fisheries in the world.

Apart from bone fishes, Los Roques also have an abundance of other species such as Barracudas, Tarpon, Jacks, Horse Eye, Wahoo, Permit and other species. If you want to have an unforgettable encounter with the gorgeous grey ghosts then Los Roques is the place for you to be!

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