Pez Ration Fishing Lodge- Your Ultimate Partner In Quality Fishing

Even if you’ve been fishing for three hours and haven’t gotten anything except poison ivy and sunburn, you’re still better off than the wormÔǪ

Fishing is a hobby that never fails to attract devotees. Every second that passes, every moment that elapses, somewhere, someone in the world is lost in the beauty of the simple act of spending leisure just the way as our forbearers.

When fishing is the talk of the season, the name that comes to oneÔÇÖs mind is Los Roques, the scenic archipelago with beauty so engrossing and serenity so engulfing that one is left blissfully relinquished from all the bothers and badgers.

Los Roques does not only promise superlative accommodation, but complementary fishing packages to go with it to sweeten the deal. One such lodge promising all the capacious comfort and omnipresent piscary is Pez Raton Fishing Lodge.

Pez Raton is an esteemed lodge that is aimed at facilitating tourists and fishing buffs with all the expedient luxuries and convenience. Unlike many counterparts, Pez Raton Fishing Lodge has a proud history of 21 years in the business and this lodge provides housing for a fair number of guests.


o   No language barriers!

At Pez Raton, you will encounter no problems regarding correspondence. This hotel has guides that have complete command over English and a decent understanding of other languages as well.

o   10 month fishing season!

This is the best aspect of Los Roques. Here fishing is not limited to a limited period of time. You can fish all you want from January to October.

o   Best variety!

Los Roques is home to Tail Fish, Bonefish, Jacks, Tarpons, Yellow Tail Snappers, Wahoo, Tuna and what not – ┬áthe variety is endless. This archipelago provides the best biospheres for harboring these exceptional species in abundance. Professionals at the Pez Raton fishing lodge will familiarize you with the widest array of fish variety.

o   Best quality!

All the aforementioned species are available in abundance and the guides at Pez Raton are well equipped with methods of angling bigger and better fish.

o   Convenience at its best!

Fishing may get tiresome if you have to hire a boat, locate appropriate spots for the best catches and then transferring your proudly baited chums to the hotel. At Pez Raton, guides will not only inform you of the finest angling sites but will also supply provisions to safely transmit your booty to the lodge.

All this and much more makes Pez Raton Fishing Lodge your ultimate pick for lodging in all seasons!

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