Posada Acuarela: The Perfect Base for Bone Fishing

ÔÇ£There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind.ÔÇØ

~ Washington Irving

Los Roques is the ultimate destination for fishing which offers a truly amazing experience. ItÔÇÖs perfect climate and crystal clear waters teeming with marine life is any fly-fishermanÔÇÖs dream come true. This well-hidden archipelago lies just off VenezuelaÔÇÖs coastline. Fly fishing enthusiasts have discovered it to e the best destination for the best fly fishing experience. Los Roques was declared a National Park in 1972, which ensures its conservation of wildlife and its ecological system. When fly fishing in the Caribbean, there is no other place like Los Roques.

Posada Acuarela

Although it is not listed as a fishing lodge, it is still the first choice of many professional anglers due to its perfect location and incomparable amenities. The posada offers eleven guestrooms, tastefully furnished in Italian style. The posada also has a restaurant, renowned for its delectable cuisine. It offers the perfect backdrop for relaxing and indulging yourself after a long day of fishing in the Caribbean.

Easy access for exotic fishing

The posadaÔÇÖs location is perfect for both fishing and non-fishing tourists. It allows easy access to all of the best fishing sites of Los Roques. The staff of the posada is extremely helpful and always ready to arrange a local guide to make your fishing experience more memorable. This is the best way to quickly get to the outstanding flats of Los Roques.

The waters of Los Roques are teeming with bonefish, which are the main attraction for anglers. You not only get to catch some of the best bonefish in the world but also enjoy the marine life of Los Roques such as seahorses, eels, angelfish, parrot fish, octopus, goat fish, lobsters, crabs, dolphins, red snappers, stingrays, grouper, barracuda, sea turtles, sharks, and spiny puffers. Fly fishing in Los Roques is an exotic experience. You wonÔÇÖt get the chance to fish the brilliantly colored fish found in the water of Los Roques anywhere else in the world.

Facilities at Posada Acuarela

Poasada Acuarela ensures that its guests are provided with the best facilities, both within and outside of its walls. When planning a bone fishing expedition to Los Roques, Posada Acuarela offers the best base for Los Roques fly fishing. The posada also has a bar and a well-stocked library. With its excellent room service, great amenities and perfect location, it is the ideal destination for fishing in style.

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