The Fly Shop ÔÇô Experience Fishing At Its Best

Los Roques is known for its natural perseverance and is one of the best conserved national parks in Venezuela. The beach is clean and clear blue. The green plantation is mushrooming. And birds, fishes, reptiles and sea mammals continue to be full of life.

When you visit Los Roques, you are in for an exhilarating experience of your life. You are ready to experience the nature in its purest form. Los Roques offer many activities including cruising, scuba diving, fishing, kite flying and others. If you have opted for fishing, there are many fishing experts at Los Roques you can turn to.

The Fly Shop has guides who have years of experience at fishing at Los Roques ÔÇô they are well aware of the weather and tide patterns. They have been servicing anglers for twenty years. The Fly Shop is an American company that is well-coordinated and equipped to provide you with all you need to know about fishing at Los Roques. The guides are well trained locals who can speak English and deal with all sorts of issues that may rise.

Since Los Roques is located near the equator, the sun is over head by noon and this ensures the tides remain stable, and water temperature is constantly mild and there is gentle breeze. Anglers are taken for fishing early in the morning around 7am. They travel in a group of two anglers, a captain, and a guide to the flat basin. The guides know exactly the spot where they can find flying fishes.

Guide initially helps the one who is not very good at catching fish until the person understands how to do it properly. Since the fish are cautious about predators approaching, the anglers need to be careful when they extend their lines. Guides will position them, which will help them get fish easily.

Around 4pm, anglers are brought back to the lodge. The Fly Shop has contracted Acuarela Lodge for accommodating the tourists. The lodge provides scrumptious food, and afterwards all the anglers sit together to talk about the fishing day they had. Sea breeze and cocktails make for the perfect evening. The lodge also provides other facilities such as air-conditioned accommodation.

If someone is not interested in fishing or would like to skip a day, The Fly Shop, in collaboration with Acuarela Lodge, can arrange trips to other beautiful beaches. Scuba diving, kite flying, snorkeling and other activities can also be arranged for nominal charges. The Fly Shop ensures that you have a wonderful time at Los Roques.

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