Tips For Best Ever Fishing Trip

The gods do not deduct from manÔÇÖs allotted span the hours spent in fishing.

~Babylonian Proverb

Fishing is an activity that people of all age groups pursue dedicatedly. Fishing, over the years, has acquired the status of worship for many and there are anglers and fisherman all over the world who can fish for hours at a stretch, oblivious to their surroundings.

Los Roques, the area in close proximity to Caracas, provides the most feasible habitat for a wide assortment of fish genres throughout the year. With such abundance of flora and fauna, Los Roques is every fishermanÔÇÖs paradise beyond a shadow of doubt.

Apart from the mainstream tourism, a major magnet that draws anglers from across the globe are the fish in the area waiting to be caught. To make the most of fishing on your holidays, remember the following tips.

The excitement of fishing, the true essence of it, can only be felt by setting goals. For some, catching five fish per day is enough while someone else might be expecting twenty per hour. Once you accomplish your goal, the feeling is nothing but nirvana.

With so many types of fish available in Los Roques and each fish type requiring different techniques, it is important that you decide what type of fish you want to catch. One may want to go for trout while the other may prefer salt water fishing.

An important consideration for fishing line is its weight. Always obtain a fishing line that corresponds to the size and type of fish you will be catching. A lighter fish line will snap easily if the fish you are trying to catch is big and strong.

Here again come your priorities. If you prefer to have your line below the water surface, it is best to get a sinker. If you wish to keep it afloat, an average sized float will suffice. If you will be doing spinning, it is best to get various fly tackles.

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