Best Posadas With The Cheapest Rates

The use of travelling is to regulate imagination by reality. ~Samuel Johnson Travelling, an art in itself, is an endeavor at trying to rediscover oneself that we lose somewhere in the incessant routine life planned to the minute. Not only does travelling allow us to relax, but it also gives us a chance to appreciate and discern the beauty and charm manifesting every corner of the earth. Los Roques, the breath taking national park in Venezuela, is a much celebrated travel destination for tourists, young and old alike. Bestowed with exemplary pulchritude, this serene site is the perfect spot for a relaxing respite. Lodgings and accommodations, every touristÔÇÖs prime concern, is a predicament for majority. Striving to keep the budget under control, most tourists settle for less than what they are looking for. With Los Roques, the situation is different as finding the best with prices beating the rest is no sweat.

With excellent service abounding charm and humor, unique to this archipelagoÔÇÖs Posadas, Los Roques offers accommodations with a relaxing environment and a glimpse of the true virgin nature. The following are some Of Los RoquesÔÇÖ Posadas with rates as low as 65 dollars per night per person

Posada Gremary:

Painted in vibrant colors, Posada Gremary is a small yet comfortable haven for tourists. Offering ten rooms with attached baths, Posada Gremary is all about convenience at its best. With a Mediterranean style lobby, this posada has an attractive dining room, roof terrace and efficient bar and room service. With its exquisite meals promising to tantalize your taste buds, fine diving is definitely a perk to cherish.

Posada Dona Carmen:

Have you ever fancied beach facing lodgings? If yes, posada Dona Carmen will feast your eyes and fulfill all your dreams. Delectable Creole meals prepared by a local chef, fresh ventilation and a laid-back atmosphere are some things to look forward to in Dona Carmen.

Posada Tropicana:

Facing the lagoon, personalized service and friendly hosts are some of the amenities promised by posada Tropicana. With a simple yet sophisticated decor, posada Tropicana makes your stay an experience of a lifetime. To add an aesthetic touch, posada Tropicana is dotted with cushions, posts wrapped with ropes, paintings, etc. So why wait? It is time you escape to your little paradise on earth!

Posada Sol Y Luna:

If you wish to enjoy superior personal attention with a staff ready to do your bidding, Posada Sol Y Luna is where you should stay. Sumptuous meals served here with a beautiful terrace and outstanding views of the soothing sea are some of the factors which make it the most feasible option for a stay.

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