Finest Posadas To Stay In Los Roques

Vacation: a period of travel and relaxation when you take twice the clothes and half the money you need.

Los roques is the heart and soul of Venezuela, for harboring the most exceptional archipelago national park in its heart. Los roques is your perfect getaway, a retreat from all the worldly whirls and annoying altercations. Doctors emphasize the need for holidays every now and then as they are well aware that human beings, every once in while, need to breathe freely and sacrifice their soul to the beauty of nature to revive their spirits.

A vacation to an archipelago is a bucket full of surprises and adventures. However, lodgings and accommodation are the much dreaded issue when in question seem to diminish the enthusiasm with the exorbitant hotel fares. But for tourists in Los Roques, getting accommodation at modest rates is as easy as anything.

The following are some of the Posadas in Los Roques that provide lodgings at the most reasonable prices.

┬À┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Posada Acuarela:

Artistry and greenery engulf this posada. The serenity offered here with Aloe Vera plants and towering palms in abundance make Posada Acuarela a fine pick for any tourist. The owner, a hearty fellow named Angelo Belvedere, who has been in this business for what seems like an eternity, entertains his guests with the most eclectically blended fresh juices and refrigerated wine. Hand painted tiles and a d├®cor of shells, glass and bottles painted in vibrant colors make you feel at home instantly. To top it all, the food served here is delectable and tempting.

┬À┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Macano lodge:

This lodge is a decent compromise of elegance and comfort. The interior is chiefly done in wood with exceptional latticework to be witnessed on the windows. The amenities offered include high ceilings with efficient fans and outstanding ocean views. The highlight is the huge courtyard dotted with sea grape trees and fountains. Chefs at this lodge serve a promising combination of Italian and Venezuelan flavors.

┬À┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Posada aquamarina:

This is a small yet lavish Italian posada with all the opulence you can ask for. Here you will get air conditioning, television and even mini-refrigerators. To further enhance pleasure, meals are served on the terrace as the winds fondle and caress guests. The posada offers irresistible cuisines and even has an airline to fancy the guests.

┬À┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á Posada albacore:

This posada with just three rooms is still the one with the most outstanding facilities. Apart from the solace, you will get air conditioned rooms with satellite television. All the rooms are posh and enticing. The personal attention, warm smiles and charming ambiance make this posada the choice for all seasons.

So on a trip to los roques, do not forget to stay at one of these ÔÇ£too good to be trueÔÇØ Posadas!

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