Food You Cannot Afford To Miss In Los Roques Hotels!

Food responds to our soul’s dream as to our stomach’s appetite.

Food is a bliss that one can not ignore and food is the principal mantra on every touristÔÇÖs agenda. The aromatic and delectable dishes with their sinfully irresistible appearance is everyoneÔÇÖs undoing. Whether you are a gym freak or a foodie, when you are travelling, all that matters is taste that further sweetens your notion of a fantasy fiesta.

Venezuela is known for the most luscious and exotic cuisines it offers to all its tourists with an essence of Spanish taste to it. Los Roques, the premium archipelago, is not only known for its majestic sights and scenic landscape, but also for the exceptional flavors of sea food found here. Bean wagons and eateries here are enough to last a lifetime. The cuisines and stews found all use sea food as the principal element that make the goodies all the more idiosyncratic and exclusive to Los Roques.

If you are a steak buff, you are in for a big surprise. The steaks offered by hotels and Posadas of Los Roques are made from beef of cattle that graze in the ranches of Los Llanos. Here you will also come across ÔÇÿcomida criollaÔÇÖ, a Venezuelan cuisine that uses herbs, vegetables and beans in abundance. The flavor is finger licking good. Los Roques is indeed a paradise of savory appetizers with a promise to ravish your cravings.

The ambiance is utterly magical and the warm welcoming smiles of staff in Los Roques hotels are enough to make you feel at home. Most of the hotels in Los Roques provide food and beverages as a part of their package to top it all. This gives you the freedom to eat at your own hotel or enjoy meals and delicacies at one of the ethnic, rustic eateries across the road.

One other dish that tourists cannot help rave about is pabellon. It is a stewed meat served with beans, banana and rice. As far as beverages are concerned, you will regret it if you do not try the espresso coffee. The thick, creamy texture will linger on your taste buds longer than you anticipated. Other temptations include milkshakes enriched with real fruits and Papelon con Lim├│n, a unique mixture of lemon juice and sugar cane.

On a trip to Los Roques, you have to experience these ambrosial delicacies that wait to be devoured.

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