Posada Macondo ÔÇô The Perfect Pick for a Holiday Inn

Los Roques marine reserves are the heart of the Caribbean.  Los Roques exemplifies and ecstatic façade of Mother Nature that was not unveiled until recently. The quintessential views of Los Roques are awe-inspiring and amusing for the human eye. The beautiful bed of coral reefs across the Caribbean is a treat for the tourists.

The Los Roques national park is known for its marvelous natural reserves that are visible from its pearl white waters and white sands. There is not a single eyewitness who can deny the heavenly beauty of this gem of a land. Tourists come from far and wide to experience the breathtaking sights that attract tourists towards Los Roques.

Yes, you want to plan a trip to this beautiful place and you do need some lodging arrangements. You donÔÇÖt have to worry about accommodation because Los Roques has plenty of posadas that cater to all your lodging needs.

Wherever you travel to, your utmost priority is comfort and convenience. Posada Macondo is one of the top ranked inns available in Los Roques that provides just that. It has a luxurious set up that leaves no single aspect incomplete that would make you wonder that it could be better.

Posada Macondo is located at only 100 meters from the sea, on the main street of the Gran Roques Island, facing fresh and windy zone. It has breathtaking scenic views and luxuriously decorated indoors that just make you feel loved, pampered and most of all, at home.

The bedrooms are cozy and well lit. You can relax with a drink next to you and pick up a book from the rack to enjoy the nice scenic view outside. Posada Macondo takes care of all these subtle things that make your stay valuable and a memorable experience.

While the stay at the Posada is an extravagance itself and a great way to pamper yourself, its exquisite cuisines just work as icing on the cake. It is a perfect blend of comfort, luxury and convenience that makes you look forward to it after a long day of adventure and fun.

Tourists come back home happy and satisfied from Posada Macondo because it provides the best homely feeling and a variety of cuisines to savor. It is a great treat to be in Posada Macondo as tourists feel welcomed and pleased with the warm behavior of the staff.

So if you plan to visit Los Roques, Posada Macondo is an absolutely brilliant choice for lodging that gives you the best possible service to make your stay at the Posada enjoyable, fun and memorable.

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