Rasqui Island Chalet

Rasqui Island Chalet

Los Roques is a Caribbean paradise with golden sunsets, azure-blue waters, and endless white beaches. It was declared a national park in the 1970s due to its immense beauty and immensely diverse ecological system.┬á The easiest way to get to Los Roques is by taking a flight from Caracas to Gran Roque. Once youÔÇÖre here, you have endless opportunities to explore the archipelago, both on land and in water. All you need to do is rent a boat and youÔÇÖre all set for a truly Caribbean-style holiday.

The first thing that comes into our mind when plan a holiday is to get suitable accommodation. For the perfect beginning of a truly memorable holiday you have a wide range of posadas to choose from. If its privacy what you are looking for, than nothing will suit you better than Rasqui Island Chalet. The Rasqui Island is a beautiful key which is almost deserted. You wonÔÇÖt find it crowded with tourists and natives like Gran Roque.

Rasqui Island Chalet is a charming wooden chalet. Located close to the sea, it serves as the perfect place for you to meditate, relax, and enjoy the dazzling beauty of Los Roques. It is an exclusive and unique spot, the only wooden chalet in the archipelago of Los Roques (apart from Gran Roque), you can be sure to get great service and the most delectable meals.

The Chalet has three rooms which are rented separately. Each room has its own private bathroom and is beautifully furnished. You are also provided with the chance to explore the other islands on any of the chalets own boats which include the Cayo Vapor, Madrisqui, Francisqui, Cayo Fabian, Cayo Muerto, and Saki-Saki. You can also enjoy the many paddle boats or take a fun-filled Trolling trip.

Other amenities of the chalet include air conditioning, Internet access, grill, cable TV, private security, welcome drinks, and exceptional room service. All the rooms offer breathtaking views of the dazzling sea of Los Roques. You can also have your meals at the porch and enjoy the beautiful sunset. You are also provided with cleaning service.

Another great thing about the chalet is that it is designed to meet the ecological and environmental requirements of the national park. It has its own solar energy and wind power system and also a desalination plant. Just take a boat from Gran Roque and youÔÇÖll be here in just five minutes.

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