Cayo de Agua ÔÇô Kite Surfing at Los Roques

If you want to go to an incredible kite surfing location, there is no place better than Venezuela. With so many islands to its north, the country offers you the best in kite surfing. Especially at Los Roques, you can experience kite surfing like never before. With exotic beaches and powerful winds, you will be lost in the striking beauty of the place.  Once your vacation is over, you will want to visit this place again next time.

Since Los Roques is a tourist spot, the limitations to enjoying an activity are the safety precautionary limits. Other than that, you can do what you enjoy the most ÔÇô be it scuba diving in deep water, kite surfing at any time of the day, fly fishing or cruising around the island in luxurious boats. Kite surfers will like the place because it has so much to offer ÔÇô including professional guides and specific kite surfing spots.

Cayo de Agua is one of such spots where you can kite surf freely. The wind conditions here make kite surfing the perfect activity. You will find many other kite surfers enjoying the surf to their heartÔÇÖs content. You will be astounded by the number of people who actually opt for kite surfing.

Kite surfing is safe, if all important precautions are taken. You will ride a board over water, pulled by an inflatable kite. The strong winds are trapped by the kite to give a powerful thrust.  You will have an exhilarating experience as you ride the waves at a very fast speed. A professional lesson before you kite surf will help you get the gist of the activity. You can enjoy it more if you fight your fear and let the excitement fill you in.

At Cayo de Agua you will find clear blue water and scenic beauty to complement your kite surfing. You will be amazed by the push of winds that is present at this spot. Cayo de Agua promises you more than just that. You will be astonished by the beauty of the green vegetation lined at the beach. You will hardly notice hours pass by.

If you are a first time surfer or surf irregularly, you can rent the kite surfing equipment from one of the shops at Cayo de Agua. The equipment is available at reasonable rates and you do not need to fulfill many requirements either. However, if you are a professional you can purchase the equipment, but that will cost you much more.

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