CAYO FRANCISQUI- To Experience World-Class Kite Surfing

Kite surfing has become a common sport in Venezuela and the country offers some of the worldÔÇÖs most incredible kite surfing locations like Isla Coche, El Yaque, Isla Margarita and Los Roques. Among these three most popular kite-surfing destinations that Venezuela offers tourists, Los Roques gets the highest volume of visitors.

This is because Los Roques offers tourists the ideal conditions for kite surfing with pleasant windy conditions that are just perfect for launching into the ocean. For those tourists who have never been exposed to the exhilaration and thrill that come with kite-surfing, Los Roques is the best place to give it a go.

Apart from providing you with the ideal kite-surfing environment, Los Roques abounds with certified expert trainers who offer you comprehensive guidance and training before you initiate your aerial expedition. Once the training has been cleared, Los Roques does not in any way hinder or interfere with your experience. You are at complete liberty to surf at the time and the day of your preference without the need for prior planning.

Within the bounds of Los Roques, Cayo Francisqui is the most popular and frequently visited. It is located at a short distance from Gran Roque, the main island of Los Roque. There is little wonder then why Cayo Francisqui is the first choice for a great majority of kite-surfing enthusiasts. The kite-surfing spots on the island are equally popular among international professional kite-surfers who are only too eager to showcase their exceptional finesse.

There is no greater feeling for a human than to feel the soft winds caress him as he rocks and sways in the gentle embrace of the sea. Kite-surfing in Los Roques is the most comprehensive exhilarating experience you can get to flying. This can be explained by the fact that it has long been considered the paradise of kite-surfers.

Cayo Francisqui has worked hard to maintain the interest of so many kite-surfing enthusiasts around the world. It offers the perfect kite-surfing conditions along with the chance to experience the unblemished charms of the cerulean Pacific waters.

Cayo Francisqui also has various camps set up at short distances where tourists can buy or rent kite surfing equipment when they need it. Equipment is usually rented on an hourly or daily basis whichever of the two options is more convenient for tourists. This means that tourists need not necessarily carry their heavy kite-surfing equipment around with them wherever they go as they are bound to find a renting camp within close proximity.

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