Discover Kite Surfing at Los Roques

A guide for beginners

Kite surfing is an all in one sport. It offers the thrill of surfing, the freedom of paragliding and the excitement of windsurfing. The perfect place to experience this ultimate sport is Los Roques, the crown of Caribbean natural beauty. With its endless white beaches, blue green water, and high winds, Los Roques provides the perfect backdrop for kite surfing. Los Roques is the ideal location for both professional and novice kite surfers. There is nothing more exhilarating then surfing in the wind abouve the crystalline water of Los Roques.

To avail the opportunity of experiencing this amazing sport in Los Roques, make sure you address a few key issues. DonÔÇÖt let the excellent winds of Los Roques go waste.

Get yourself a trainer kite

To start kite surfing as soon as possible, get yourself a trainer kite. Trainer kites are perfect for beginners as they are much smaller in size and simpler to handle than the larger kites used by experienced kite surfers. Make sure you learn the basics before heading to the sea. Trainer kites come in different sizes, ranging from one to three meters in length. For beginners, it is recommended to get a kite of three meters in length. Trainer kite will help you get accustomed to the wind window and its power zones. It will also help you gain confidence in controlling your kite. Learn to control your motions before investing in a power kite.

Practice your kite board skills

You can easily achieve this target by practicing on a skateboard. If you are good at surfing, it will be an added bonus for you as kite surfing is an extended form of surfing. Practicing beforehand will greatly accelerate your learning of kite surfing skills. If you have good board skills, you will only need to focus on controlling your kite, instead of wasting your time learning how to board.

Get kite surfing lessons

An experienced kite surfing trainer will help you master the art of kite surfing quickly. This will enable you to spend more time enjoying the sport rather than wasting your time trying to learn the basics yourself. Lessons from a professional are also essential to prevent any form of accident during kite surfing.

Get the right equipment

Ask your instructor to provide you with the gear before investing in your own. Once you learn to kite surf, you can always get your own gear without the risk of damaging it.

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