Kite Surfing Boards:  A Short Introduction To Types

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, and drink the wild air.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Kite surfing is a sport that is not for the faint hearted. This action-packed escapade is the latest craze among those who want to have a taste of thrills. The sensation and stimulation, the tingle and titillation are all what surfers seek. Amid all the activity, surfers find the key to revive their spirits and enliven their energies.

Kite surfing boards are the equipment principal to kite surfing apart from the germane kites. Most surfers harbor the fallacious belief that kite matters the most in surfing. However, it is actually the kite surfing boards that make the real difference. Presently, you will find any market filled to capacity with surfboards made up of a wide array of materials. These different materials commensurate with the type and function of these boards.

Nowadays there are many types of boards available for surfing and with the ever increasing hype about kite surfing, it is very likely that newer, state-of-the-art board designs will be introduced to this sport.

A few types of kite surfing boards have been outlined as follows:

o   Directional boards:

These boards are every surferÔÇÖs pick. These surfing boards are characterized by a pointed nose and a wider back. The board gets its name from the fact that the surfer always travels in the direction of the nose. These directional boards may or may not be equipped with foot straps as per your preference. However, they have been found to be the most feasible for exhibiting your kite surfing finesse on waves.

o   Twin tip boards:

A cut above in kite surfing boards are the twin tip boards. As the alias implies, these boards are furnished with the same shape in the front and rear which facilitates the surfer to ride it in both directions. The foot straps attached to it empower the surfer to try a larger variety of leaps and tricks which make it a darling for the kite surfing buffs.

o   Hybrid boards:

These boards are a decent compromise of the directional and twin tip boards. Although they have different shapes in the front and rear, they can still be ridden in dual directions. These kite surfing boards are used for surfing in uneven and modest waves.

o   Race boards:

The race kite surfing boards are primarily meant for kite surfing competitions and races as a result of the exceptional potential against wind conditions. They are designed to acquire higher speeds and with the increasing popularity of kite surfing, they stand a vivid chance of attaining a place in the mainstream sport.

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