Kite Surfing Photography

If its blowing, rest assured I am going

Kite surfing is a highly inviting and invigorating water sport, which allows participants to harness the winds for fun, speed and allows them to appreciate Mother NatureÔÇÖs ingenious strokes of art manifesting the canvass of our earth and enhancing its beauty many folds.

Los Roques is the prime destination if one wishes to experience exceptional excitement at its peak. Landlocked by scenic sights and breathtaking beaches, Los Roques is an archipelago that never fails to strike a chord with the incessant tourists and travelers it accommodates each year.

Los Roques offers unsurpassed kite surfing opportunities as the surf is always pumping and the winds are always matching its intensity. Kite surfing photography is a unique challenge as capturing the action with the surfer and the kite so far away, there are chances one might lose focus of one or the other.

Kite surfing photography is all about allowing the viewer to get a fair idea of how high and fast these extreme sports actually are. Watching someone kite surf is spectacular, but might leave someone with confused eyeballs and a cringe in the neck as it involves a lot of action and thrill.

As far as gear is concerned, since kite surfing involves a lot of activity, a recent telezoom is highly recommended if you wish to take action shots, whereas for shooting people on the beach or still objects, any lens fulfilling your resolution demands will work fine.

When doing kite surfing photography, it is imperative to protect the equipment as the water spray and humid wind can potentially damage it. An ultraviolet filter for the lens is, therefore, inevitable. Moreover, to protect your kit from sand, keep it zipped in a bag when not in use.

Speaking of camera technique, the sun will be bright enough to prevent the need for any additional lightening. Use continuous auto focus to get the best shots. A fairly fast shutter with the usual exposure will help you get the best out of the quick, spontaneous swerves and swirls the surfers are showcasing.

Often you get pictures that are not very sharp, but the subject is adequately in focus. This implies that you had a camera shake. For such scenarios, photographers can always resort to using a fixed monopod and tripod to have the best camera results.

The last thing you need to master is the anticipation of action. Immerse yourself in the sport completely to know and expect what is coming next. Keep on photographing, as they say practice makes a man perfect.

So bring out the big guns with kite surfing photography as photographs are a means to relive the happy times over and over again.

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