Posada Lagunita ÔÇô Kitesurfing Lovers Paradise

Posada Lagunita ÔÇô Kitesurfing Lovers Paradise

Los Roques with its breathtaking natural beauty is the perfect location for a fun filled Caribbean holiday. Its splendid white beaches, crystal clear waters and vibrant colors are unique in every regard. Los Roques was declared a national park in early 1970s which is the primary reason of its unspoiled beauty and diverse ecological system.

Are you planning for a kite surfing excursion to Los Roques and unsure of where to stay? If yes than Posada Lagunita is the ultimate destination for kite surfers. The posada is renowned throughout the archipelago of Los Roques for its great service and competitive prices.

Posada Lagunita provides a charming and casual backdrop for a perfect holiday. It comprises of seven well-appointed rooms decorated in Mediterranean style. Each bedroom has its own private bathroom. The posada has a beautiful and spacious patio decorated in Spanish style which opens into a tropical garden full of exotic plants. Guests can also order their meals outside or simply relax on the comfortable sofas. The living room of the posada is equipped with an internet desk, hi-fi system, and a pretty dining area. There are also two terraces on the upper level with a bar and a barbeque grill where guest can enjoy freshly caught grilled seafood.

Kite surfing facilities

Guests can avail the kite surfing facilities provided by the management of the Posada Luganita. The posada has its own boat with a very competent crew. Guests can take full advantage of this facility as the boat is at their disposition completely. The boat sets sail each day at 9:45 a.m. Guests can explore the other smaller islands of the archipelago of Los Roques. Most of the beaches are deserted, their natural beauty untainted by human habitation.

Kite surfers can explore the perfect spot for an exhilarating experience. The management provides the facility of transporting kite surfing equipment for the guests wherever they want. In addition to this, the management can also provide guests with details about the kite surfing schools and rental facilities on the archipelago. Moreover, guests can also avail great discounts on request.

Assistance for kite surfing is also provided on request. The management of Posada Lagunita can also arrange for a guide for kite surfing for beginners. Guests can also get information for kite surfing equipment rental from the helpful staff at the Posada Lagunita. Guests can also get detailed forecasts about the water current and wind conditions to ensure a safe kite surfing experience.

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