The rewards of journey far outweigh the risk of leaving the harbor.

Kite surfing is a relatively new sport but is incessantly attracting devotees all the same. With more and more individuals realizing their love for kite surfing, the number of kite surfing enthusiasts across the globe is observing a steep rise. An extreme sport, in the time duration of just 10 years from 1999 to 2009, there was a 100% increase in the number of people who indulged in this extreme sport.

Although kite surfing was initiated in Hawaii and France, kite surfers from across the globe are in constant pursuit of travel destinations to surf their kites. Los Roques, abounding divine beauty, has been a favorite holiday spot for kite surfers for many years. Not only does it allow them to experience pulchritude at its best but also the prevailing winds that take kite surfingÔÇÖs excitement to new heights.

Los Roques attracts tourists throughout the year as it experiences wind strengths of 15-20 knots during the northerly monsoon and 12-14 knots during the southerly monsoon. This strength of wind is just ideal for kite surfing. This makes Los Roques ideal for those entire kite surfing buffs that are looking forward to this extreme sport as well as for families who want to have some water activities side by side.

These Los Roques winds are gentle for amateurs giving them the freedom to master their proficiency with the kite slowly and easily. At the same time, there are certain times when the strength of the wind intensifies to the extent that only the more experienced surfers are allowed to showcase their skill.

Unlike many other extreme sports, you will also find many locals getting involved in this game, hence giving you a deeper insight into Venezuelan culture. With a lot of kite surfing schools are located in Los Roques, this archipelago gives everyone a chance to let go of their reservations and feel the adrenalin pumping up their veins.

This archipelago with its moderate temperature is the ultimate choice for holidays anytime of the year. Thus, whatever your motives are for coming to Los Roques, you can always make kite surfing a part of it. With clear water on all sides, you can see the magnificent corals and outstanding mangroves change their colors as you fly over them.

Promising every tourist the time of their life, Los Roques is a place where fun never ends.

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