Things To Include In Your Kite Surfing Equipment Bag

You canÔÇÖt stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

~Jon Kabat-Zinn

Only a few things in the world are as engaging and exhilarating as kite surfing. This extreme sport, the latest fervor quickly gaining popularity, is a highly sought after activity, particularly during vacations. This is further cementing the idea of kite surfing holidays among tourists.

Los Roques, the national archipelago, was built with the goal of protecting the exceptional marine ecosystem and capricious coral reefs and mangroves dotting the area. Undoubtedly, the most charming area of Venezuela, Los Roques, harbors the rarest species of fauna and flora of the Caribbean.

Attracting an astounding number of tourists each year, it will only be just to call Los Roques one of the most feasible venues to get a grip on kite surfing. This much celebrated area of the Caribbean is particularly famous for water sports and kite surfing is one of them.

There are things that are a must when you are going for a kite surfing and should always be a part of your kite surfing equipment bag. These essentials are as follows:

o   Screw Driver:

A screw driver may come in handy if one of the screws of your footsteps comes lose while you are riding. It is also a safety measure to check whether your footsteps are firmly attached to the board or not. If not, fix them back instantly to avoid any accidents.

o   Puncture Kit:

If you are on shore and find that your kite has mysteriously suffered some damages during or before kite surfing, for the time being, duct tape or a dedicated kite patch would suffice till you get it to a repair shop.

o   Pliers:

Pliers are extremely helpful for instant bar repairs and a plethora of other tasks that requires a little extra grip. Getting thin nosed pliers are probably the best for quick fixes.

o   Lines:

Keeping a spare line in your kite surfing equipment bag is very convenient in case you need to replace any broken lines. Make sure you get at least two pre-stretched lines. A noteworthy thing is to get lines in pairs so that if one of them breaks, you do not end up having one line longer than the other.

o   Leash:

It is only pragmatic to keep a spare leash. It prevents you from losing any of your beloved gear. However, it is highly recommended that you do not ride with a leash attached to you board unless and until you really have to. If you drop your kite and canÔÇÖt relaunch it, you can make use of the spare leash so that you donÔÇÖt lose your board while you try to sort out your kite.

Remember that kite surfing is all about your body, a surf-board and the waves; it is time you experience this extravaganza on a trip to Los Roques.

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