Why Is Kite surfing Becoming The Paramount Extreme Sport???

Because only a surfer know how it feels!!!

If one asks what is kite surfing then in the simplest context it can be referred to as:

ÔÇ£An extreme water sport that means staying airborne with the wind acting as a propeller for your kite that tends to pull the kite board.ÔÇØ

Surfers have different motives for kite surfing. Some simply find it an indulging, engrossing activity for leisure, while others desire the fame and recognition they secure for depicting their august tricks and berserk jumps.

Los Roques is a place that is a paradise for kite surfing. This extreme sport takes up a new transformation in this divine archipelago. Kite surfing at Los Roques is a journey of conquering new heights of excitement. As you kite surf over the water, the corals shining below will wink at you and the sights of marine life will leave you awe struck. Kite surfing is the foremost magnetism that attracts tourists and surfers by leaps and bounds.

Talking about kite surfing, one wonders how this once novel sport is now enjoyed on such a large scale. The answer is simple and given below:

Is kite surfing a surrogate for windsurfing?

In a way, yes. Windsurfing gained a lot of popularity in an ephemeral span of time. However, with windsurfing, there was always the problem of taking the heavy and extensive gear around that was nothing short of a trauma for windsurfers. This is where kite surfing comes in, with all the joy and thrills of windsurfing combined with the added adventure and ecstasy. So this way kite surfing effortlessly gained the love of the windsurfing devotees as well.

Other reasons!!!

There are several other reasons that account for the unprecedented fame of this sport. For one thing, kite surfing is easy to learn. It is also much easier to travel places with kite surfing equipment as it is light weight and can be readily hired from any destination. Kite surfing does not have any elaborate wind power demands. You can even kite surf perfectly in lesser knots.

Kite surfing allows you to make bigger jumps and you can try your hand at more tricks during kite surfing. Moreover, kite surfers travel at a higher alacrity as compared to other kinds of surfers.

So this revolutionized form of windsurfing awaits you to break a sweat and get sea legs!

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