Los Roques Islands

The area known as the Archipelago Los Roques National Park is a collection of 350 islands, cays and islets, located roughly 155
kilometers north of Venezuela‘s coast, about 128km (or 80 miles) north of Venezuela‘s port of La Guaira.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the history of Los Roques’ islands, learn about the largest island of Los Roques where
you’ll fly into from Caracas, Venezuela, and find helpful resources to help you save money on flights to the Los Roques Islands.

History of Los Roques Islands

In 1589, the Venezuelan government took over the islands, despite the fact that the Dutch considered Los Roques’ islands to be
their territory. In 1871, president Antonio Guzman Blanco issued a decree that created the Territorio Colon, which included Los Roques, as well as other neighboring islands.

Then, in 1972 the Venezuelan government declared that the islands that make up the Archipelago Los Roques be protected to ensure the long-term survival of the large variety of seabirds and sea life found in the Caribbean waters of Los Roques many islands.

Gran Roque, the Largest Island in Los Roques

Gran Roque, the biggest island in Los Roques, is located on the northern side of the archipelago, roughly 155km (96 miles) north of Venezuela’s central coast.

Best Way to Travel to the Islands of Los Roques National Park

Most people find that the best way to travel to Los Roques National Park is a flight on Los Roques Airlines, from Caracas, Venezuela.
It’s a short, 35 minute flight to Los Roques Gran Roque island. And prices for flights to the islands are reasonable, ranging from
$250 – $300 per person for a round trip ticket, depending on the time of year.

Best Hotel Deals on Gran Roque Island

As mentioned earlier, people typically stay on Los Roques’ biggest island, Gran Roque in small, independently owned and operated
hotels that the local call “Posadas” that offer a great combination of beautiful architecture, excellent service, an authentic
atmosphere, and fair prices.

There are close to 100 Posadas or hotels around the Los Roques Islands that have a wide range of amenities and

prices to choose

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