Amazing Scuba Diving at Francisqui

Nature has crafted beautiful places such as Los Roques, which provide visitors the splendid time they are in search for ÔÇô away from the troubles of urban areas. Each year Los Roques hosts thousands of visitors who are looking forward to fun filled activities such as snorkeling, fishing, cruising, kite surfing and scuba diving.

Scuba diving is the most exhilarating of them all. It provides the fantastic opportunity to explore the underwater world which is full of beautiful coral reefs and countless amazing sea creatures. You will enjoy your time many feet under the water as your explore the magnificent treasures of the earth. You will come to know in astonishment what lies under the crystal blue surface.

If you are scuba diving for the first time or your skills for scuba diving havenÔÇÖt developed yet, Francisqui is the best spot at Los Roques where you can dive. It is shallow enough to remain safe, yet deep enough to give you the scuba diving experience. The spot consists of three islands towards the east of the main island, Gran Roque. Visitors come here not just for scuba diving but for other activities too.

Francisqui has coral in the middle area, also known as ÔÇÿLa Piscinita,ÔÇÖ forming a 360 degree reef, which is inhabited by marine life, making it suitable for divers of all ages. Everyone travelling to Gran Roque must go to Francisqui as it is easily accessible and is only 10 minutes away.

At Francisqui, you will be able to view the spectacular range of fish and other sea creatures that are used to living in shallow places. They are colorful and add diversity to the marine life. The destination is an ultimate place for people who like to explore the beauty of the nature. Visitors will love the fun and excitement that scuba diving at Francisqui brings.

Scuba diving in shallow water helps the diver relieve stress and relax his/her mind as they swim further down. The sea remains calm, ensuring a stable dive and no trouble. You can have a professional scuba diver assist you if you have any problem under water. The good thing is the quick rise to the surface should you decide to finish the diving session.

Apart from diving schools at Gran Roque, you can also find pro scuba diving trainers at Francisqui. You can rent the equipment from the diving camps put up at the beach. No matter what, make sure you do not miss the scuba diving experience at Francisqui.

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