Dives and Courses in Los Roques

ÔÇ£As a diver you are weightless and can move in all directions. You approach the freedom of a bird as you move in three dimensions in a fluid environment.ÔÇØ

~ Dennis Graver

Dives and Courses in Los Roques

Scuba diving in the dazzling underwater marine world of Los Roques is a highly sensual experience. To be dazzled by the amazingly diverse ecological system of Los Roques is a must have experience for people who are always ready for an adventure. As you dive in, you reach a dream like state in which you float from one wonder to the next. There is nothing more fascinating then feeling the sights and sounds of the underwater world.

Arrecife Divers

The Arrecife Divers provide great packages for both amateur and experienced divers. With more than 17 years of experience, you can rest assured that your diving experience will be completely safe. Arrecife also has an office in the city of Caracas so you can make your bookings as soon before you set out for Los Roques. Arrecife Divers offer many different courses and also rent out quality scuba diving equipment on very reasonable rates.

Courses offered at Los Roques

You can get a PADI or SSI official certification in diving from Arrecife Divers. You can choose from a wide verity as all the courses are certified.

BeginnersÔÇÖ courses

Intermediate courses

Advanced courses

Professional Staff and Facilities

The staff of Arrecife Divers is highly trained and experienced and has in-depth knowledge of the Caribbean waters of Los Roques. They know the best diving sites and are trained to deal with any sort of unpleasant situation.  You can also obtain all the required equipment for scuba diving from this facility. The facility is located ideally on the beautiful beach of Gran Roque and you can be sure to obtain all services from this facility.


Arrecife divers offer many packages ranging from beginner to advance level. Services include both daylight dives and night dives. The services are usually charged on daily basis and range from daylight dives to night dives. Equipment available at the facility includes weight belts, tanks, mask, fins, snorkel, wet suits, trim, consoles, and regulators.

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