Dos Mosquises- Experience Advanced Scuba Diving

Los Roques is a beautiful work of nature. The islands are amazing and spectacular. No wonder they attract thousands of visitors every year.  And if you are visiting Los Roques this season, you will definitely want to try scuba diving. Los Roques is blessed with many spots where you can scuba dive safely.

Scuba diving will take you under water for an exhilarating experience. You will explore marine life and beauty that is treasured in the deep water.  Fish and mammals will befriend you, and you will enjoy your time with them. However, a depth of 180 feet is set as the limit for recreational scuba diving and you cannot go beyond that without professional training and equipment.

Dos Mosquises also known as the turtle hatching islands are one of the spots at Los Roques where you can go for scuba diving. With a diving range between 45 and 180 feet, you will need advanced scuba diving skills to enjoy this spot. Dos Mosquises has remarkable reefs, which will leave you spell-bound.

The spot is located at a distance of an hour and a half southwest of Gran Roque. Depending on the speed and weather conditions, it can take longer to reach Dos Mosquises. The spot is divided into two lands, Dos Mosquises Norte (north) and Dos Mosquises Sur (south).

Dos Mosquises Sur is a significant spot due to a research station that was built in 1976. The laboratory has special significance as it has a breeding program for local turtle species. Tourists are fascinated by the turtles kept here. The Los Roques Scientific Foundation has aggressively researched and investigated the environment at Los Roques including the reef and the turtles. The area has a landing strip for small aircraft, service area, accommodation for investigators, breeding room for turtles and the laboratory itself.

Scuba diving at Dos Mosquises will introduce you to different sea creatures that are friendly and add to the exquisiteness of the spot. You can swim through the wonderland and see for yourself the magic this place holds. You will be mesmerized by the breathtaking views.

If you are a beginner at scuba diving, that should not be a problem. But, you will need a professional diver to assist you. They will help you get started and will be available while you are under water. With a wide range of scuba diving schools and guides available, you can explore the deep sea at reasonable prices.

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