Know More about Scuba Diving

No doubt scuba diving is fascinating ÔÇô especially when you are doing it at a place such as Los Roques. The beaches are beautiful and an underwater experience with marine life is exhilarating. If you are planning to scuba dive during your vacations at Los Roques, knowing more about the activity will make it enjoyable for you.

Almost anyone can enjoy scuba diving ÔÇô be it a kid, a teenager, an adult or an old person. However, you need to fulfill minimum requirements of health and fitness to be eligible. There are classes specially designed for the kids, the young and the old. Even disabled people can take classes and have fun scuba diving.

Scuba diving is completely safe if you use proper instructions and equipments. Have a training before scuba diving is essential to experience the adventure safely. However, scuba diving without training, or in extreme conditions, or crossing the diving limits may be dangerous. The equipment you will need for scuba diving includes an oxygen tank, a scuba regulator, snorkel, a scuba mask, and fins.

For starters, scuba divers get introductory training in a pool or shallow water. First lessons are usually about how to wear and use the equipment. Once you are well acquainted with all that is required to get off the mark, you will be trained in open water. Though certification is not necessary, it always helps to get one. You can use your scuba diving training to get the certification.

Scuba diving can be a bit expensive, but it is worth the experience. Cost for scuba diving will vary with each scuba diving school. Scuba diving clubs are usually cheaper and give an experience before you make the decision to pursue it further. Scuba diving certifications cost more. Also, new diving equipment will cost more than the one available second hand. You can rent the equipment for diving tours as well. This is particularly feasible if you are not a regular scuba diver and will dive a couple of times only.

There is a limit to how deep you can go under water. There are laws that govern the limit and depth of the dive. Maximum depth set for recreational purposes is 130 feet or 40 meters. The time underwater includes slow and direct rise back to water surface after your dive is complete. To go beyond this limit, you need to have professional training and equipment.

However, be cautious as scuba diving at Los Roques can be addictive!

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