Scuba Diving Adventures in Cavernas de Las Salinas

Scuba diving is highly fascinating and when you are doing it at a place like Los Roques, it becomes an experience of a lifetime for sure. Each year, hordes of people are drawn towards the marvelous archipelago because of the various underwater activities that it offers.

Los Roques is called a well-kept secret of Mother Nature and hence, heaven on earth. There are many who argue that the beauty of the underwater world of this blissful location is insurmountable.

People diving in Los Roques for the first time are dazzled to discover a world of it own. The underwater paradise is filled with vibrant colors and undiscovered treasures. The main reason that Los Roques is such an untainted beauty is the fact that it was declared as a National Park during the 1970s. This has enabled it to preserve its beauty and sustain its ecological system for the world to cherish.

Anyone can be eligible to the pleasure of scuba diving after they have fulfilled the minimum health and fitness requirements. There are various diving schools that cater to different age groups to enable them to enjoy the wonders of this great activity. There are specially designed classes for children and senior citizens. Furthermore, even the disabled can take the classes and enjoy the wonders of scuba diving.

Las Salinas is blessed with extraordinary underwater topography and is located at South BarrierÔÇÖs west end. The spots used for entering and exiting are terraced and as you descend, they will almost become like vertical walls. Once you are 24 meters deep, one of these vertical walls features a collection of underwater caves at its bottom.

The caves are the highlight of Las Salinas and feature a huge diversity of black coral and sponges that are stuck under the soil. The most notable cave has a fairly wide entrance and if you shine a flashlight inside it, you will be left mesmerized by the kaleidoscopic arrays of colors inhibited inside. These will be in fact living organisms that will form bizarre shapes and hallucinating colors when the light will be shone upon them. Furthermore, you may even come across stone sharks that tend to retire to these caves to sleep. So donÔÇÖt worry, theyÔÇÖll be sleeping.

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