Scuba Diving Adventures in Solapa de Rabusqui

A dive to paradise

Many people are drawn to the archipelago of Los Roques by the horde of underwater activities it offers. The underwater world of Los Roques is even more beautiful than the above-the water-world. People who dive in for the first time in the waters of Los Roques discover a paradise which is full of vibrant colors and amazing treasures. Los Roques was declared a National Park which is the main reason of its well-preserved ecological system and beautiful coral reefs. The beauty of Los Roques coral Reefs is unrivaled.

Solapa de Rabusqui is an ideal location for beginners for scuba diving. The coral barrier to the north of the cay of Cayo Rabusqui, there is an amazing cave at the depth of approximately twelve meters. This cave is formed due to the rising of the soil. This wondrous little cave is teeming with marine life and offers divers a truly unique diving experience.

Due to the protective roof of the cave, a large variety of sea creatures can be found there such as crabs, lobsters, and shrimps. Swim further down to the very bottom of the cave and you may run across a rock shark sleeping there. These rock sharks usually drift inside the bottom of this fascinating cave with the low current. The outside of the cave is just as fascinating as the inside and is bursting with colorful marine wildlife. Common species found in this area include then herring, the shad, and many other medium sized fish.

Divers are attracted to this cay due to its crystalline arm water and the diverse marine life. The sandy bottom, the vivid colors, and the well-preserved ecosystem make up for an unsurpassable experience.

The Solapa de Rabusqui dive site offers not only a great dive but a chance to explore one of the most beautiful locations of the underwater world. There are many dive resorts in this area that offer expert services and facilities. You can rent scuba diving equipment from these facilities at very low cost. Many resorts offer amazing packages at very low prices. Beginners can also take lessons from these facilities.

Los Roques is an underwater wonderland full of surprises. Dive in to explore the beauties of the Caribbean and experience an amazing voyage to paradise. Be sure to contact a licensed scuba diving school and take all precautionary measures to ensure a safe dive and prevent likely accidents.

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