What To Expect On Your Diving Adventure

I’ll live a lush life in some small dive.
~Billy Strayhorn

Scuba diving is a fun and exciting recreational activity that has been fascinating divers for years. This mysterious adventure of exploring the underwater world gives divers a chance to experience the exotic marine life and the bewitching beautiful reefs.

There are only a few places on earth that can boast of beauty so exceptional and rare that one is simply spellbound and Los Roques is one of them. With its vivid blue hued waters, what gives Los Roques definite advantages over all others are its white sandy beaches and green mangrove swamps manifesting the entire area.

Scuba diving is the prime sport that flock tourists to this archipelago famous for its signature brightness.  The clarity of colors, intense and pure, is a characteristic that makes Los Roques the most feasible venue for a scuba diving vacation.

You will simply be spellbound as you swim in awe at the amazing spectacle surrounding you. Things you can expect from scuba diving are as follows:

o   Preparation!

This is where all your questions and issues will be addressed. All you have to do is to seek services of a scuba diving instructor and he will inform you about all you need to know. Things from terrain, depth, tide, visibility, weather all the way to entry and exit points will be discussed. It may be an information overload but try to absorb as much as possible as your diving success vastly relies on it.

o   Gear familiarization!

It is imperative to learn how to properly use the gear and what equipment serves what purpose. Your instructor will brief you thoroughly on all the desired aspects. Kitting up is finding out how and where to attach the pieces of equipment to ensure a safe dive.

o   Pool sessions!

Scuba diving is an exhilarating sport that requires strict adherence to strict procedures. After adequate training, it is time to put your skills to test. Wear your suit completely with the tank and accessories. Initially the gear may seem heavy and bulky but in a while you will learn to breathe and swim perfectly like a fish.

o   Practice!

No one expects you to be perfect in the first dive. The key to scuba diving is patience and staying calm. It will be some time before you will master the activity but till then you have to keep on practicing as this is what makes you perfect and do not forget to tell your diving instructor or associate about any concerns you have.

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