Los Roques Travel Specials

People from all over the world travel to Los Roques to enjoy the warm weather, gorgeous beaches, and enjoy relaxing activities
like bonefishing and deep sea fishing, as well as the excitement and adventure of kite surfing and scuba diving. If you’re thinking of traveling to Los Roques, here’s some helpful information and resources to save you time and money.

How To Travel To Los Roques, Venezuela

Los Roques (also known as The Archipelago Los Roques National Park) is the biggest marine park in the Caribbean sea.
In 1972, the Venezuelan government declared the 350 islands, cays and inlets that make up Los Roques a national park to protect the wide variety of fish, marine life, seabirds, coral reefs, and other marine life around the islands.

But to travel to Los Roques, you can’t just fly there directly from the major airports around the world. Instead, what you need to do is book a flight to Caracas, Venezuela, then travel to Gran Roque, the largest island in Los Roques.

Traveling to Gran Roque from Caracas is a short, 35 minute flight, and prices for airline flights to Los Roques National Park are reasonable, ranging from $250 – $300 per person for a round trip ticket, depending on the season.

Once you’re at Gran Roque, you’ll have access to all the great hotels (called Posadas in Los Roques), international food to savor, and some of the most beautiful tropical beaches you have ever seen. Because of the protected national park status, the water is so clear that you’ll swear that you were looking at a life-sized postcard – it’s that beautiful!

The Best Travel Deals To Los Roques

If you’re thinking of traveling to Los Roques, check out the resource link below that has the newest Travel Specials to Los Roques.

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